The washbasin defines the overall lines of each bathroom collection. Designers develop all the other elements in the bathroom around its form. Why not adopt this principle and begin your bathroom design by choosing the washbasin.

In many sizes

Washbasins are available in various sizes. The smallest measure only 35 cm, the largest 155 cm. Some can even be cut to size. Double washbasins are a particularly sensible alternative to the single washbasin for families with children. A must in your planning: A trap cover or pedestal as an aesthetic means of concealing the siphon.

Built-in washbasins

If you want to combine a washbasin with bathroom furniture or materials such as plastic, wood, marble, granite, and tiles you should choose one of the following models:

  • Built-in washbasins: are set into the countertop from above.
  • Semi-recessed washbasins: are ideal for combination with vanity units.
  • Undercounter washbasins: for flush-fitted installation in the countertop.
  • Surface-mounted washbasins: These washbasins with all-round are in keeping with the trend towards stand-alone furniture items in the bathroom.

Alternatives when space is tight

Then there are the space-saving handwashbasins and corner washbasins, or the vanity washbasins that offer plenty of additional storage space while requiring minimal space themselves.