Bringing nature into the bathroom

Water bubbling from a spring, a sunrise, the brilliant colour of a violet – details from the endless beauty of nature that stands proud amidst the hectic pace of everyday life like a pillar of calm. For us, “natural” has become a by-word, a promise of health, balance and strength.

Water reduces stress

We have long been looking for an answer to our stressful everyday lives and find relief in a variety of very different things – an organic diet, sports, yoga, walking and gardening. The list is long. The unusual and fascinating aspect of this is the immediate sense of pleasure and feeling of liberation these elements bring. So it’s not surprising that nature has also become more important in our safest place of retreat from the stresses and hectic pace of our everyday life, namely our own four walls.

The bathroom plays the key role, because this is the centre of water in the home. In addition to being a place of cleansing, it is again seen as a natural element. It refreshes, invigorates, relaxes and regenerates with lasting effect – not least thanks to high-tech products, such as whirlpools and shower systems. In this environment in particular, many consumers also favour “natural aesthetics”. For example, wood, with its unique tone and grain. Or ceramics featuring organic forms that are lightweight, appear to float or are even reminiscent of natural stone. Subtle leaf décors create lively associations with the beauty of nature. Some have haptic properties and feature as delicate reliefs on the ceramics. The creative force of nature is subtly reflected in highly modern bathroom design and high-quality textiles. A feast for all the senses.