Omnia classic Wash-out WC

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Available in the following colours:
White AlpinPergamonWhite Alpin CeramicplusPergamon Ceramicplus

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7619 01 XX355 x 465 mm, 20 kg
vertical outlet
7619 10 XX355 x 465 mm, 17 kg
horizontal outlet
Description of materialSanitary porcelain
ModelAlso available in ceramicplus
Fasteningfastening with 2 oval head screws 6x80 mm
Flush volume6 litres
Please notesuitable for use with pressure valve
Accessories (are to be ordered separately) 
7794 21 XXCistern Omnia classic
low-level, Sanitary porcelain, Also available in ceramicplus, water inlet from the sides, flushing mechanism with DUO water-saving button, fastening with 2 oval head screws 6x80 mm, incl. connection set
8823 61 XXWC-seat and cover, Duroplast, hinges in stainless steel
8824 61 XXWC-seat and cover, with continuous hinge bolt, Duroplast, hinges in stainless steel
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- 761901_779421.PDF download PDF  
- 761910_779421.PDF download PDF  
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- 761910_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882361_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882461_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882361_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882461_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882361_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882461_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_882361_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_882461_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882361_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882461_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882361_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882461_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882361_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882461_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_882361_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
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- 761910_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882361_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882461_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882361_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882461_3D_3DS.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882361_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_779421_882461_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_882361_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761901_882461_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882361_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_779421_882461_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882361_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
- 761910_882461_3D_WRL.ZIP download ZIP  
WC-seat and cover fact sheet  Complete article downloads Complete collection
- 882361.PDF download PDF  
- 882461.PDF download PDF  
Wash-out WC Omnia classic
6683 10 XX
360 x 480 mm, 19 kg
Wash-out WC Omnia classic
6684 10 XX
360 x 480 mm, 20 kg
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