Cisterna 45 Undercounter sinks

Cisterna 19

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Practical and flexible: CISTERNA reduces the design to the absolute essentials – thereby providing plenty of scope for the individual design of your kitchen.
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Available in the following colours:
Graphite CeramicplusFossil CeramicplusWhite Alpin CeramicplusEdelweiss CeramicplusCappuccino CeramicplusGrani-Cream CeramicplusSand CeramicplusCrème CeramicplusLatte Macchiato CeramicplusChromit CeramicplusMetallic Cream CeramicplusEbony CeramicplusEspresso Ceramicplus
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6704 01 XX370 x 435 mm
Undercounter sink inclusive waste system basket strainer, chrome and fastening set
6704 02 XX370 x 435 mm
Undercounter sink inclusive waste system pop-up, chrome and fastening set
Minimum width of undersink cabinet45
9236 00 XXSoap dispenser, Soap dispenser
9850 00 K1Salad basket
8276 00 61Waste system
8286 00 61Waste system
9218 03 00Fastening set
Technical drawing - PDF – show data   
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- 670401_670402_UBSP_CISTERNA45.PDF download PDF  
Show 2-D data   
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- 670401_670402_UBSP_CISTERNA45_2D_D...  download ZIP  
Cut-out template   
- AK_670401_670402_USP_CISTERNA45.PD...  download PDF  
- AK_670401_670402_USP_CISTERNA45.ZI...  download ZIP  
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