Villeroy & Boch free-standing baths

Get away from it all in your own personal spa oasis.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in every home. This is where the day starts and ends. And the bathroom is also frequented regularly during the day. So there are plenty of good reasons to devote more of your time in selecting the best bathroom fittings and to defy conventions when renovating your bathroom.

For instance, according to convention a bath should always be installed against a wall or even in a corner. But larger bathrooms are perfect for free-standing baths, which can be placed anywhere in the room and enable entry from all sides. We have put together some useful information on how to select and plan your bath.

Free-standing baths need space

If you want to be able to walk around your bath and use it from all sides, then you should make sure there is plenty of clear floor space. Calculate about 55 to 60 cm clearance to the wall or other bathroom fittings, and that on every side. You will need to keep an area of 290 x 200 cm free for a bath with the standard size of 180 cm x 90 cm, and obviously more for a larger bath.

Quick material guide for free-standing baths

Many baths are made from steel enamel as it is very robust and low maintenance. However, the material and production process allow very little creative scope in designing the bath, which explains why you won’t find them in Villeroy & Boch’s collections. Moreover, the surface feels cold at first and takes a while to adjust to the temperature of the bath water – and then cools even quicker.

Sanitary acrylic, a robust plastic that is lighter than steel yet just as robust, is the preferred material for free-standing installations. Thanks to Quaryl® baths, Villeroy & Boch has created a true innovation and a unique alternative. The material consists of 60% of the finest ground quartz crystals and high-quality sanitary acrylic. Quaryl® is very pleasant to the eyes and touch, feels warm and soft, is very durable and resistant to knocks, impact and scratches.

Another advantage of baths made from acrylic or Quaryl®: the original material is liquid, which means it can be cast into practically any shape.
This way, we can create baths of great aesthetic appeal, with clear shapes, attractive designs and lasting value.

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What taps and fittings are suitable for free-standing baths?

When you install a bath against the wall or in a corner, you rarely need to think about where to put the taps and fittings as you can use the existing connections. But when it comes to a free-standing bath, you have to decide: would you prefer a standpipe or taps and fittings mounted on the rim of the bath?


A standpipe is installed on the floor next to the bath and towers over the rim of the bath like a statue. It often has a single-lever mixer and is available in a host of designs – from sleek and functional through to opulent models reminiscent of the Arabian Nights fairy tales. If you want to enjoy your standpipe for many years to come, you should ensure that the standpipe has been securely fitted to the floor, even better if you have a professional tradesperson install it.

Rim mounted bath taps

If a standpipe doesn't suit your living and interior style, it doesn’t mean that you will have to miss out on a free-standing bath: you can have a rim mounted bath tap fitted onto the rim of your bath. But only if the rim of your bath is wide enough. Alternatively, you could have the taps and fittings installed into a walled plinth.

How do you install the inlet and outlet for free-standing baths?

If the bath is free-standing, then the water inlet and outlet have to be installed under the flooring. The piping for the water supply and waste water is integrated into the floor and concealed by the flooring after the installation has been carried out. It’s best to leave this job to the professionals, especially if you are also considering underfloor heating.

What should the bath stand on?

Free-standing baths are available with decorative feet as well as with a straight underside, which stands completely on the floor. A free-standing bath with feet looks more delicate and less massive than a model without feet. It will give your bathroom an airy and modern feel.

Free-standing bath in a single household?

Are you looking for a free-standing bath that is small enough for your bathroom? You’ll quickly find what you need at Villeroy & Boch: simply enter the desired length and width under Search and all suitable models will be displayed on screen. Thanks to our large selection of high-quality baths, the right one for your bathroom is just a click way.