Designing your bathroom - furnishing ideas for the bathroom

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As a wet room, the bathroom is a key area where you usually start the day with your daily hygiene. As a central living space, the bathroom deserves special attention, as its potential is often not fully exploited.

With the right bathroom furnishing ideas, you can transform even the standard wet room into a cosy wellness paradise. Below are some practical tips and ideas to upgrade your bathroom furnishings in style and just as you want them.

Harmonious bathroom colours

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Light colours make small bathrooms appear bigger and more spacious. However, you don’t always have to stick to the classic pure white. Other light colours open up the room too, and they lay a great foundation for colour coordinated bathroom decor. Combine natural elements such as wood or stone with muted colours and perhaps one or two splashes of colour. Another tip would be to use no more than three different colours or materials for your furniture and accessories. This gives the room a calmer and more harmonious feel.

Putting your bathroom decor in the right light

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Sufficiently bright lighting, especially at the mirror, is essential in a bathroom. However, bright light sources that illuminate the whole room do not tend to create a cosy atmosphere. Several smaller lights installed in certain areas of the room can really help to draw attention to your decor pieces. Another tip for creating a more inviting bathroom atmosphere is simply to substitute the bulbs in your ceiling lights for ones with a warmer colour. With nice candleholders and scented candles, there can be enough light without needing to use the ceiling lights – and they will also fill the room with a pleasant scent.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Do you have a small, cramped bathroom? Simply installing a large mirror will make it feel more spacious. Backlit mirrors have an especially elegant effect and this approach is particularly unobtrusive with LED technology. Furthermore, you can light the room indirectly by installing spotlights above the mirror, while also achieving the perfect lighting for your daily bathroom rituals. Even hanging a string of retro chic fairy lights over the mirror is a look that will never go out of fashion.

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Creating attractive storage space

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When choosing your bathroom accessories, don’t just look for the prettiest pieces. Consider items that will help to keep your bathroom tidy and organised. These include baskets, trays and other containers that you can use to stow away towels, bathing and makeup accessories and other small but important items. Adorning your bathroom with attractive containers and holders will also make it better organised and more convenient.

Bringing a bit of nature to your bathroom

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Using plants to decorate your bathroom instantly upgrades the space and makes it feel more homely. Green plants with firm, smooth leaves such as palms, ferns, Monstera or ivy are ideal for bathrooms, while certain orchids also do well in the warm, humid surroundings. If your bathroom has no windows, or gets very little daylight, perhaps you have a socket free for a special plant lamp? Or alternatively, simply fill a simple glass vase with cut flowers and place it in the bathroom. You can even turn to deco plants made of plastic, wood, paper or textiles to bring the illusion of nature to your bathroom.

Making the best use of walls and floors

A fluffy bathroom mat will do more than just keep your feet warm when you climb out of the bath or shower. It is also an accessory that can give the space a completely new look. Coordinating the colours of mats, walls and shower curtains creates a particularly harmonious effect. Alternatively, you could pick a contrasting colour for the mat, which is then picked up in your individual accessories.

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Other than that, you should keep the floor as clear as possible, especially in small bathrooms. It is advisable to hang cabinets or other furniture on the wall rather than standing it on the floor – this also makes cleaning much easier. Sideboards and shelves at head or hand level provide space-saving storage and offer clear structure, order and overview.

Furnishing small bathroom and optimum use of the space

Furnishing a small bathroom will be a success if you do the right planning and consider a few essential factors. Bathroom ideas for small bathrooms include the use of wide modular bathroom furniture that is set close to the wall. Large-format tiles are a great way to optically enlarge small bathrooms, as cabinets with mirrors that draw attention.

Opting for a bathroom design with an open furnishing concept is yet another good idea for a small bathroom. This means that you connect surfaces and areas to create additional visual space. Small ideas for the bathroom such as a walk-in shower and a tiled floor over the entire surface will make your wet area appear larger than it is.

So you would like to nicely design your small bathroom with a shower? Dispense of anything that is unnecessary in the room. Instead, only focus on what you really need when looking for small bathroom ideas. So you can perfectly accommodate bathroom furniture for small bathrooms in niches. Custom-made built-in cabinets or shelves that can be installed in corners are often called for in these spaces.

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Avoid any disruptive elements when furnishing a small bathroom. Open shelves, protruding cupboards or exposed pipes distract the eye and create chaos.

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What does a modern bathroom need?

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A modern bathroom relies on the interaction of functional yet visually appealing furniture and intelligent space concepts. Opt for these elements to design a modern-style bathroom:

  • A wellness shower that helps you relax and offers different water jet settings and massage effects
  • A freestanding bathtub to bring a touch of luxury to the bathroom
  • Top quality marble tiles that offer an elegant upgrade
  • Modern wallpaper made of washable fleece that will add beauty to the walls
  • Floor-level showers with large-format tiles, contemporary fixtures and shower channels
  • Smart home technology that adjusts the amount of water and the temperature in the shower, for example
  • Modern washbasin combination with matching vanity unit
  • Underfloor heating and modern towel radiators


Tip: Keep an eye on the costs when modernising your bathroom. If you plan on introducing bathroom furnishing ideas for the entire space, you should budget in costs in the four or five-digit range.

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