Siphonic urinals from Villeroy & Boch

Practical and stylish

Siphonic urinal from Villeroy & Boch

A siphonic urinal is a water-flushing urinal with a concealed siphon that significantly reduces water consumption. They are made from high-quality hygienic ceramic and are also available with a CeramicPlus finish, a product coating with a lotus effect developed by Villeroy & Boch for its ceramics. This effect allows drops of water to simply roll off the product, taking dirt particles with it. Siphonic urinals can be fitted onto an installation system or solid wall. And their no-touch operation maximises hygiene. Choose your model from a wide range of attractive shapes and colours and with that pioneering technology combined with superior quality and a perfect design.

Siphonic urinals – perfect hygiene, elegant design, water-saving consumption

While conventional water-flushing urinals consume roughly three litres of water with every flush, a siphonic urinal from Villeroy & Boch only needs one litre. Our siphonic urinals are available in a range of colours and models. The high-quality, stylish and water-saving siphonic urinals from our classic and current collections, such as Venticello, Architectura, O.novo or Subway, are perfect for domestic bathrooms as well as for toilets in restaurants, businesses, commercial premises and public areas. Each design matches a specific product line so that the urinal blends perfectly into the room’s architecture, interior design and overall look.

Environmentally friendly, economical and low-maintenance solutions are popular in high-traffic hygienic facilities. Every siphonic urinal installed instead of a pissoir with a conventional flush will help you significantly reduce your annual consumption of water and energy.
And it is also an opportunity to offer your guests, employees or customers a contemporary, stylish and attractive toilet facility with quality, hygiene and aesthetics that no one will be able to fault.

Urinal with or without a lid?

If you would like a urinal for your home and prefer the water-flushing models, then our concealed siphons are available in siphonic urinals with a lid and without a lid. The lid is purely aesthetic, designed to let the urinal match the look of the toilet. A urinal with a lid is also the preferred choice for family bathrooms. However, the lid serves no other purpose: it is not necessary for the suction function nor for preventing odours from developing. It is in fact the concealed siphon that is responsible for all this, regardless of whether a urinal is installed without a lid or the lid is left open.

Urinals without a lid are commonplace in public facilities, restaurants and hotels. Because they are used so frequently and by so many different people, this version is simply more hygienic, user-friendlier and easier to clean.

Subway 2.0 siphonic urinal from Villeroy & Boch

How does a siphonic urinal work?

A concealed siphon is responsible for the workings of a siphonic urinal. The economical siphonic urinals from Villeroy & Boch use a one-litre extractor that we developed especially. The low pressure created in the siphon pulls the liquid into the drain. The low amount of water – only one litre per flush – is enough to let the odour trap fulfil its function at all times.

The one-litre suction siphon from Villeroy & Boch will help you make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and climate and will also reduce your water bill. The mechanical odour trap works according to the siphon principle so there is no need for additional electric or electronic suction devices.

How to clean a siphonic urinal

The best way to clean a high-quality Villeroy & Boch siphonic urinal is with water and a mild household cleaner, for instance a vinegar-based cleaner, washing-up liquid or bathroom cleaner. You do not need any aggressive chemicals or expensive bathroom products nor is scouring or scrubbing necessary as liquids and dirt simply roll off the perfectly smooth and shiny ceramic products.

If the urinal has been refined with CeramicPlus product technology, then even dust and other residue will not be able to grip onto the product. This will save time and money as you only need a minimum amount of effort and cleaners to achieve maximum cleanliness, safety and hygiene. You will find tips on how to care for refined ceramics and names and manufacturers of suitable cleaners in the detailed product information.

Discover CeramicPlus

CeramicPlus from Villeroy & Boch

As with all hygienic ware, you will need to service the siphon from time to time. Urine also contains solid matter that will accumulate in the urinal’s siphon over time. Moreover, the odour trap serves as a filter for impurities and small parts that inadvertently find their way into the urinal. Servicing Villeroy & Boch siphonic urinals is very straightforward as the siphon can be replaced easily in a jiffy. The urinal does not even need to be taken off the wall. The old siphon is taken out by pulling it upwards and a new one is then fitted from above

Siphonic urinals – installation

Every single one of our urinals is delivered with illustrated installation instructions. You (or a professional of your choice) can then see how to install the urinal step by step and carry out the concealed attachment. The appropriate fastening set is also supplied.

If you are planning on integrating the siphonic urinal into an installation element, we recommend our urinal installation frame to make it more stable and long-lasting. The solid metal construction is anchored on both the floor and the wall to make the urinal more secure in any situation. After the installation element has been clad, all that can be seen of the structure are the connections. After the urinal has been installed, all of the fastening elements as well as the inlets and outlets are hidden from view. The concealed attachment is not only low maintenance and hygienic, but it is also a very elegant solution as nothing can distract from the function or design of the urinal.