Christmas gift ideas to put a smile on everyone’s face

In the run-up to Christmas, we often spend our time looking for the perfect Christmas present to give to our loved ones. It needs to suit the gift recipient and come from the heart. When choosing a Christmas gift, start by thinking about what you associate with that person. Your feelings won’t disappoint you.

Ideas for classic & creative

Christmas gifts

Sparkling lights radiating cosy warmth. Wafting scents of fir tree, pastries and cinnamon. The first snowflakes falling outside and presents piled high under the tree – a classic picture of Christmas Eve. The 24th of December is not just the start of the festivities, the evening of this day is also when many households exchange gifts. If you want to surprise favourite people with a special gift at Christmas, think carefully about their likes and preferences to find the perfect item that will bring lasting pleasure. Our magical Christmas decorations are ideal gifts that will delight all ages and make eyes light up every year. And our festive tableware collections are very popular Christmas gifts too.

When should Christmas gifts be sent?

If you want to send a letter in time for Christmas, you can post it up until the 22nd of December. A parcel should ideally be sent by the 20th of December. However, this applies only for parcels sent within Germany. Different cut-off dates apply if you are sending Christmas gifts to other countries. For recipients in neighbouring countries to Germany, this is generally the 15th of December, but France is an exception with the 14th of December.