Pizza, pasta and passione

Good food, good ingredients, Italian, rustic and delicious

An old country house, sunset, a glass of wine and the warm aroma of sunny and colourful ingredients – this is what makes Italy and Italian food so special. Fresh vegetables, local cheese or aromatic olive oil are a part of every meal. Join us on a culinary journey of simple and traditional Italian dishes – a journey for the eyes and taste buds…

Baking pizza together with friends allows everyone to make it to their own taste. True to the “four seasons” motto, the pizza can be divided into as many slices as you want and everyone can top it as they like. This makes cooking together fun while suiting everyone’s taste.

The perfect Tuscan pizza

with pesto, dried tomatoes, ricotta and aubergines

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Handmade tagliatelle

The perfect pasta dough

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The art of perfect pasta

No dish is as popular and eaten so frequently as is pasta – and no one ever gets sick of it.

Dishes that sound so simple can be turned into something very special by using the pure natural energy of every single ingredient. Homemade tomato sauce also contains 30 per cent more immune-boosting lycopene than conventional products.

“Eating and drinking is all about being together, about living and living with others.”

If you eat better, you also automatically live better.

Time, in other words, to make a really good plate of pasta again.

Pasta Passion

Spaghetti plate set

Pasta Passion

Pasta plate set

Pasta Passion

Pasta bowl

If you find classic tomato sauce too easy, then transform it with a few simple tricks. Simply cut your favourite vegetables into small pieces and add to the tomato sauce. If you prefer pesto, simply mix some spinach, pine nuts and olive oil together and voilà, you have a summery and tasty pesto.