Find wonderful ideas for your pastel-hued floral decoration mixed with bright trendy crockery

Magical pastel colours for your table

Let the colourful world of flowers wake up your home, too. Porcelain with floral décor in soft pastel shades makes your table bloom. Colourful cushions, napkins and vases add a bright touch and turn your table into a vibrant flower meadow. Create a cheerful mood in your home!

“A vibrant mix & match
with colourful tableware"

Be creative! Daring combinations such as Mariefleur with Rose Cottage will make your table seem less formal. Scatter fresh flowers between the plates for a spontaneous and casual look. And how about a palm plate instead of an underplate for a change? It would create a great contrast to our colourful coffee set. Let your imagination run free.

The perfect lemon cake

Fast apple and blackberry tart

It’s teatime!

If this brings up images of little fingers sticking up and cultivated boredom, then you have got it all wrong. The afternoon is the perfect time to chat with your friends. Preferably with colourful tableware from the Rose Cottage collection. A brightly coloured tea set that is elegant as well as suitable for everyday use and puts everyone in a good mood. And if you want to make it more amusing, get some fresh lemons.

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