Oberon – Clarity in design and function

Due to the special combination of rectangular and oval forms, the Oberon bath is a real design classic  and very impressive on the strength of its very accurate fit.

The round inside form of the bath rim is ideal if you want to lie back and relax.
Thanks to its straight-lined design, this timelessly modern eye-catcher fi ts harmoniously into many styles. There is a choice of three positions for the overflow.


Form Lenght Width Bath Depth Dim. of Base Height Contents
Rectangular solo 1600 mm 750 mm 450 mm 1140 x 430 mm 585 mm 125 L
1700 mm 700 mm 450 mm 1230 x 460 mm 585 mm 135 L
1700 mm 750 mm 450 mm 1240 x 440 mm 585 mm 135 L
1800 mm 800 mm 470 mm 1270 x 460 mm 605 mm 175 L
Rectangular duo 1900 mm 900 mm 480 mm 1280 x 510 mm 615 mm 218 L


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